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Solo(k) Plan Installation Application

A one participant 401(k) plan is sometimes called a Solo(k), Uni(k) or Individual(k). They are all the same type of plan. The Solo(k) plan is a Traditional 401(k) Plan covering a business owner(s) or the owner(s) and his or her spouse. These plans have the same rules and requirements as any other 401(k) Plan. It is imperative to note that it must be a set up under a business and if the business hires employees, they must be monitored and if they have an employee that meets the eligibility requirements, they are full Traditional 401(k) Plan and all testing rules apply.

Solo(k) FAQs  

Company Information

(Required to set up a Solo(k) Plan) - Cannot be same as SSN

EIN Parameters



Authorized individual able to give/receive confidential information to/from NAI
Primary Contact
Secondary Contact (If primary is unavailable)

Ownership Information

Advisor Information

Plan Investments

Plan Design/Setup

Plan Trustees


  • Employer will pay NAI fees (not deducted from plan assets).
  • Additional charges for processing transactions (distributions/loans).
  • Additional charges for preparing 5500 EZ form (if necessary).
  • Additional charges for not providing copies of statements to NAI.
  • Additional charges for putting Roth and Pre-Tax in one account.
  • Additional charges for assistance with contribution calculations or limits.

Restatement Charges

Employee Census

Life Insurance

Union Employees

Leased Employees

Fidelity Bonds

Accountant Information (Optional)

Optional Save

To have the Plan Sponsor complete the missing items on the form, please press the Save button and your partially completed form will be emailed to the primary contact email listed above. PLEASE complete as much of the form as possible before saving. You may only save your form once, you will not be able to save it again.


Based on the information you entered, your initial fee is 0.00*.

*We will invoice you separately for any misc fees, i.e. loan fees. Please see the NAI Solo(k) Fee Schedule for details.

Please click the button below to pay the amount shown above.
Please note the amount as you will be asked to enter it on the following page.

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